Web design & development

Many people have personal web sites or pages, the others - business sites. Part of people have web sites, dedicated to the wedding or commemorative to the birth of their kids, any celebrations etc.

All is needed - your wish or necessity to have web site. It could be for your company or private for yourself or your family (anniversaries, graduations, weddings, birthdays of your kids showing how they grow up and some other important occasions). When you contact us, we'll discuss with you your vision of future web site. You'll need to prepare for that meeting: information, pictures, short videos, which you'd like to be included into your web site.

After our quotation and your acceptance we'll start the job.

We'll design web site and prepare first copy of it. After that we'll show it to you. You'll think about it and when ready give us your thought to mend it or finish. No matter, how long will it take, we'll patiently change content and look of web site until you are happy.

After your approval you'll purchase the web space and register web site with one of Hosting providers (you chose it yourself using information from Internet or we'll help you to find it, if you wish, based on your preferences). Then we'll publish your web site.

Should you need a monthly, weekly or other maintenance of your web site, we can do it for you. This will include updating the content and look of the site.

A bit of History:

The Internet was born in late 1960's in the USA. It was a very secure information network of computers which could carry on successfully working even when part of it was disconnected and without loss of information. But that time vast majority of organizations and people could not take part in these activities.

Our days everything changed. Every person and organization practically in every country has Broadband Internet, own web site or page and at the same time has an access to millions of web sites and web pages in the World Wide Web (www).