PC desktop assembly

All computers can be divided in the few groups:

Everything depends on your preferences. Most powerful computer from shown above will be gaming one because of the requirements from latest games to power, processor, graphics, memory etc. Normally home or office computer will be less powerful as it is used for less demanding tasks. But some times office computer should do something more difficult than just work with documents and browsing internet. It could be image or video editing, visual design, etc.

Therefore it should be much more powerful to work with professional software for photo or video editing. Or network server in the large or small office could be very much different depending on the amount of information stored and quantity of workstations served.

So the tasks affect the choice of PC components, which will be installed inside the case. The computer cases also differ: from simple to funny or high tech.

Desktop example 1 Desktop example 2 Desktop example 3 Desktop example 4

PC desktop hardware replacement, upgrade

Your PC desktop can't be serviceable and up to date forever. Software is being updated all the time, becomes bigger, more complicated, more demanding. Any ways, should some hardware in your PC stop working properly or become outdated it is the sign that there is a need to replace/update it. And so many of choices in the shops and much more in the net.

But not to worry. We'll help you chose proper replacement, install it and set it up if needed. Your desktop will work like new again. Some times power supply might need upgrade too, because of the rising demand from new hardware.

We also can maintain your Desktop PC, clean it, upgrade (motherboard, processor, memory, hard or optical disc drive, power supply, graphics card, PC case, cooling system etc.) or update old software. Should you need professional advice about your PC we are here to help you.

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